Course Description

In these 12 short videos on Understanding Emotions you will learn how to:
• understand the brain research and current information on how children, teens & adults process emotions and why we all respond differently

• develop the mindfulness skills necessary for self-awareness and self-regulation so that you can process your emotions safely and calm yourself down

And you will learn learn how to begin to:

  • role model and teach these self awareness and self-regulation skills to your children / teens.

'This course includes EVERYTHING I believe EVERY parent should know about how we as humans process emotions in different developmental stages and how we can build self-awareness & self regulation in ourselves & in our children.

This is the FIRST thing we need to learn as a parent / educator for any other learning / teaching to happen in our homes or schools / preschools.

If every family and every child learnt these emotional intelligence skills then we would have more peaceful and functional lives!' Sara

The 12 short videos include 2 mindfulness practices and total approximately 2 hours of content but it contains a lifetime's worth of practice in terms of developing your own mindfulness skills and emotional intelligence as well as developing your child's emotional intelligence.

You can access the material in your own time at your own pace. And you will have unlimited access to the material.

Sara has taken the best activities from various evidence based parenting programs (referenced in the resources page) and the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research and placed them in a solution focused coaching model to give you a full, and balanced program to develop your own social and emotional skills and to be able to role model and teach these skills to your children.

Benefits of Completing this Online Coaching Course:

  1. Easy, accessible & convenient - learn at your own pace at a time that suits you! The course has many small components - just work through it in your own time :)
  2. Affordable, interactive & enjoyable
  3. Access evidence based strategies from various sources around the world and discover which ones you would like to explore further
  4. Transform how you feel about yourself and your life and then bring those changes into your relationships
  5. Strengthen your connection and increase your positive communication with your kids
  6. Make your life, especially parenting easier and more enjoyable.
  7. Equip yourself and your kids with new skills to be more resilient and to thrive.

Learn to use practical tools like this emotional thermometer and how you can use it to teach your children how to be aware of their emotions as they build and as they calm down

Understanding Emotions Online Is For You If:

• You would like more strategies on how to understand and deal with your own & your child's / teen's BIG emotions
& You are ready to commit to making positive changes to your life and your parenting

This Coaching Online Course Includes:

• Unlimited access to the online video content, articles and coaching questions

& A network of other supportive, respectful, like minded parents in an online facebook group.

Start when you are ready! No pressure to finish... Work around your busy schedule.

Only $35.00 AUD until June 2017. Valued at $45.

FREE TRIAL the first videos to see if the course is for you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Full Refund within 7 days provided if the course isn't for you! :)

This is also week 1 of the Resilient Families Thriving Kids course. If you like this workshop then you can sign up for the Resilient Families Thriving Kids 5 week course - you will be eligible for a discount - email

Testimonials from live Raising Resilient Kids/Teens Workshops June 2016:

Just a note to say you were awesome tonight, Sara! absolutely seamless presentation. I enjoyed it so much and walked out with great insights and some good must dos on my list. Liesa Davies

Sara, what a wonderful job you did! Some lightbulb moments, real life examples & tools to take us forward. Sam

Sara tonights workshop was fantastic! You presented it so well - thought provoking, integrative, connecting, inspiring and so supportive! Thankyou so much. I would love for you to keep me informed of any future workshops you do - I was truly inspired and reassured I'm on the right path! Michelle Jordan

Life Coach, Parent Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator

Sara Phillips

Sara is a life coach, mindfulness practitioner, parent coach, parent educator, creative spirit and Mum to 4 teenagers! Through her business, Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching, Sara uses her coaching and mindfulness skills to empower families to cultivate inner well-being, peace and fulfilment no matter what obstacles they might find, to make life just a little bit easier.Sara is passionate about updating her knowledge & skills with the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research and is actively training in the ACT mindfulness & acceptance approach. Her vision is that all parents will learn how to support their children / teens to handle their difficult thoughts & feelings, get on with other people and live a rich, full & meaningful life.With a background in speech pathology, teaching, coordinating a parenting centre and supporting families, as well as being mum to 4, Sara has a wealth of experience in coordinating fun, interactive and practical workshops and in deep listening to other people’s stories and coaching them to find great solutions.

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