Course Description

This is a FREE introduction to a range of short meditations, mindfulness exercises & guided visualisations.

Each meditation can be listened to separately, it can be downloaded and you can choose one that fits into the time you have (most are between 5-10 minutes long!)


My intention is to share a range of meditations / guided visualisations & mindfulness exercises as a quick resource for you to try out which ones you like before you explore further... Often when you are feeling tired or stressed or your mind feels scattered, listening to a voice recording can make mindfulness easier.  These meditations are divided into the 3 core mindfulness and acceptance processes of ACT: 

Be Present, 

Open Up & Handle Difficult Thoughts & Feelings, 

Do What Matters, values guided action

Mindfulness Takes Practice

Mindfulness is like learning to play guitar - it takes practice and one of the best ways we can practice is in meditation, even 5-10 minutes a day will make a difference... It can take time to find out when suits you the best - is it when you first wake up, is it on the way to work, is it when the kids are sleeping / having quiet time, is it in the car pausing between work & home, is it when you put the kids to bed, is it just before you go to sleep. Mindfulness research recommends practicing mindfulness daily for 8 weeks to really feel the benefits. But we are human, and imperfect - and it took me a lot longer to establish a workable routine!

My Experience

I now meditate twice a day (early am & mid afternoon)- sometimes only for 5-10 minutes but I like to change it up and alternate which mindfulness exercise I use. Over time I have personally experienced a range of meditations, guided visualisations & mindfulness exercises.

I also like to use a range of meditations / mindfulness exercises in my coaching sessions and in my workshops & Heart Intentions 2017 womens Circle.


I listen to a range of meditations / mindfulness exercises from a range of sources:

Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Chakradance, Rebecca Campbell from Rise Sister Rise,

And there are a wide range of Mindfulness Apps that I have sampled:

Headspace App, Smiling Mind App, Insight Timer, Buddhify that I have used.

Wherever possible I will let you know where I first learnt a particular meditation so you can research deeper into those meditations you like.

Life Coach, Parent Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator

Sara Phillips

Sara is a life coach, mindfulness practitioner, parent coach, parent educator, creative spirit and Mum to 4 teenagers! Through her business, Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching, Sara uses her coaching and mindfulness skills to empower families to cultivate inner well-being, peace and fulfilment no matter what obstacles they might find, to make life just a little bit easier.Sara is passionate about updating her knowledge & skills with the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research and is actively training in the ACT mindfulness & acceptance approach. Her vision is that all parents will learn how to support their children / teens to handle their difficult thoughts & feelings, get on with other people and live a rich, full & meaningful life.With a background in speech pathology, teaching, coordinating a parenting centre and supporting families, as well as being mum to 4, Sara has a wealth of experience in coordinating fun, interactive and practical workshops and in deep listening to other people’s stories and coaching them to find great solutions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Be Present

    • Short Body Scan

    • Grounding meditation

    • Playful Hand Meditation

    • Gratitude Body Scan

  • 2

    Open Up: Handle difficult thoughts & feelings

    • Opening Up: handling difficult thoughts & feelings practice

    • Letting go meditation with forgiveness

    • Lake Meditation: Observing changes come and go and finding your peaceful centre

  • 3

    Do What Matters: get in touch with your values

    • Connect & Reflect ACT meditation to get in touch with your values

    • Breathe in relax, Breathe in smile

    • Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Candle Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Heart & Light Meditation

    • Loving Kindness with FEELING

    • Grandmother Earth Blessing Meditation

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