Course Description

Learn how to be more mindful in your everyday life with some simple mindfulness practices...

This short 35 minute audio is an introduction to 3 Mindfulness Practices; just as we would do in our first week of a Mindfulness Practice live class.

I like bringing in different practices so you can choose which type suits you best:

1. Sitting Practice

2. Standing / walking practice

3. Lying down practice

You can do them as one block of 35 minutes or pause after each practice and do them in 3 shorter blocks of time if that suits you best.

You can also revisit this course as often as you like! It's called mindfulness practice because we need to practice it often...just like learning to play a musical instrument.

I encourage you to have no distractions and a comfy space to sit, stand, walk & lie down....

You can always find more info on mindfulness resources and apps at including my regularly updated mindfulness blog.

Please also join us online in our Mindfulness Practice Group at where we share weekly posts of different mindfulness practices and you can introduce yourself and share your experience, ideas and questions.

You can also stay tuned as to what we're up to in terms of retreats, classes etc on facebook at Mindful Parenting: Mindful Coaching

And if you would like a retreat or class at your workplace or organisation or 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching please email me on

Hope you can join us!!

Cheers, Sara :)

Life Coach, Parent Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator

Sara Phillips

Sara is a life coach, mindfulness practitioner, parent coach, parent educator, creative spirit and Mum to 4 teenagers! Through her business, Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching, Sara uses her coaching and mindfulness skills to empower families to cultivate inner well-being, peace and fulfilment no matter what obstacles they might find, to make life just a little bit easier.Sara is passionate about updating her knowledge & skills with the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research and is actively training in the ACT mindfulness & acceptance approach. Her vision is that all parents will learn how to support their children / teens to handle their difficult thoughts & feelings, get on with other people and live a rich, full & meaningful life.With a background in speech pathology, teaching, coordinating a parenting centre and supporting families, as well as being mum to 4, Sara has a wealth of experience in coordinating fun, interactive and practical workshops and in deep listening to other people’s stories and coaching them to find great solutions.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome & Introduction

  • 2

    35 Minute Mindfulness Practice

    • 35 Minutes of Mindfulness Practice:

  • 3

    To finish...

    • To finish & what next?